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I am Khyati. And I live in Bangalore as a Bangalore call girls. I am a divorced woman searching for someone who can fit in my requirements. By profession, I am a caretaker of babies. I love kids and to play with kids. When I was 22 years old I got married to a guy who was a son of my papa's best friend. We know each other from childhood and say yes to the marriage. But after some time we felt that there was no compatibility and understanding between us and we both decided mutually to got a divorced. I am still in contact with my ex-husband like there is no cold war. One day I got asked to be a caretaker of babies in exchange for a good amount and I said yes as there were a good income and second I love to be with kids. And then I started this as a profession to be a Bangalore call girls.

In my free time, I go for a Zumba class or for dance class. Like I don’t really like sitting all day doing nothing creative. I am seeking someone who has a great sense of style, someone who is good with kids because it can be possible that I will take you along with me to take care of babies. I want someone to be mad who is full of life and someone who is not afraid of speaking their heart out. I am in the search of a long term relationship and if you have these all qualities and if you can think I am the one suitable for you then let's go on a Bangalore call girls date

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Me too. Well now it’s time to play these fun games again, but this time for the adults. To start, you can think of any fairy tale or movie, go to the costume rental and buy a few costumes. The point is to create a fantasy fairy tale atmosphere. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a fairy tale. It can be any movie that she likes There is no limit to this sexual fantasy. Have fun. with Bangalore call girls

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