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Well, hello boys my name is Simran and I am looking for a guy who can be in a short term relationship with me. My friends would describe me as sweet, caring, naughty, sensitive and the girl who loves cracking jokes.

I am basically from Indore and living here alone. My parents are living in a village near Madhya Pradesh. I am a girl who loves dancing on slow songs. Yes! You read that right I love making other people laugh and even cracking jokes on them. One day I realize that I deserve a better life than this so I went on became a Bangalore escort.

Well, by profession I am a standup comedian. I was always used to this funny, happy girl. I decided to be a comedian but it was not easy for me. In a country like India, where women are not getting equal opportunities like men it was a roller coaster ride for me to establish myself as a comedian.

I was in a serious relationship with a guy. We were in a relationship for almost three years but we broke up due to his inappropriate behavior towards his own life. I never felt that bad in my life. I had a performance that day when we broke up and let me tell you that was the hardest and toughest performance I ever did. I was just done with him but after a few days, he again asks me out and proposed to me again. I never accepted it as I want to be a Bangalore escort.

He cried a lot and so did I but that was the only decision which was best for us. I am looking for someone now who is career oriented, someone who has goals in his life. If you want to spend your rest of life laughing than drop me a message.

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I stands tall at 56 and weight is only 50 kgs. I have black color hair and twinkling black eyes. Can take anyone on a roller-coaster ride, with my outgoing nature and fun-loving attitude. Will ease away your problems and worries in a jiffy and make you look at life with a different perspective. Anybody will love my company because such is my aura and personality. Bangalore escort provide me take this forward.

A beautiful appearance and gentle nature, Have you ever had sex with such a girl. Come with me. I am a small and very young girl, I have a cute face with slim body enough to melt anyone's heart in first encounter. I am very sensitive with my body, so I provide full nice and clean service. I can be sweet when you need sweet sex with any Bangalore escort, otherwise, I have enough naughty to role-play to offer. I like to be your girlfriend, sweet deep kiss, soft touching each other, make love slowly and enjoy every second together.

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