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Hello all, my name is Aaska Maheshwari and I am basically providing service as a Bangalore escort. By profession, I am a hairstylist. I am living with my parents. Well, I am a simple person who loves hanging out all the time my favorite thing to do is getting drunk.

I am the only child of my parents and they pamper me a lot. I love to drive cars and even collecting them. I have almost four cars and Audi is my favorite one. Well, I have studied a hairstyling course from Singapore as I always knew that I would do something in the Bangalore escort field.

When I was in college I used to highlight my color every three or six months. People would be shocked to see my color changing every three months. But, yeah! that is me. I used to color my hair pink, green, blue and even red sometimes.

In my spare time, I used to hang out with my friends partying and playing cards or watching Netflix at my home. I am a person who doesn’t get angry easily but when I do it is really difficult for me to be calm. But Bangalore escort put me at ease.

Well, I am looking for an open relationship as I am tired of being in long term relationships with people. I really hate fake people I just can't stand them. I don’t want a person who gives me an advice what should I do and what not. I hate when people stop me from doing what I love and that’s the reason I am looking for an open relationship. So, you don’t really have to care about other people's opinions. I am looking for someone who is a party lover, crazy dancer, and full of life person. I want to be a top class Bangalore escort.

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Here I am sharing some facts and details about our escorts service. You can find me with who you always want spend time with. I have great stats of figure to make anyone attracted towards sexual fun. You must have incredible fun and enjoyment with me who always looking for the extra bit of Bangalore escort fun.

Bangalore escort provides sexual favor in your city, since I am always being with my family members, So It's not possible for me to share my personal number. I have a very curvy body with silky skin, sharp sensitive legs and smoky eyes and my killing look which fulfill all your desires. I am mature and beautiful single female.

Bangalore escort exclusively offer my clients a unique and unforgettable escort service. I am very passionate about sex and want to meet high class and elegant person so I choose to become a high class escort not for only money for other things also as I like to travel good places and want to spend some good quality time with my clients. I am ever ready to be your companion.

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