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Hello all, my name is Khushi Patel and I am the Bangalore female escorts. I born and raised here. I am living with my parents here.

I am looking for a partner in crime who enjoys the outdoors and isn’t afraid to step on the dance floor from time-to-time. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance. I spent six years training at the dance school and can teach you how to do the dance. And love to give my service as Bangalore female escorts.

By profession, I am a physiotherapist. My mother is a gynecologist and I always wanted to something in the medical field. You can say that I am a girl who has a sharp mind, an amazing personality and someone who has an optimistic attitude. My job as Bangalore female escorts requires this.

I've always been good at studies and also other activities. I was the topper of my school and college. I've never really had too many friends and I've also never been to a relationship. I am looking for someone who is well-settled in his life. Someone who knows how to behave and who is serious about life. As I am very serious to be a Bangalore female escorts.

Bangalore female escorts take care of themselves so much that you cannot have any complaints about their unique looks, including large bust, massive boobs or athletically fit body.

I need someone who is good at conversation, who is interested in long term relationship with me and someone who is capable of handling an intelligent girl like me. Anyway, if you're easy-going and at least 86% awesome, you can be my match. I am seeking a smart, curious, well-behaved person who can go camping in the forest with me wherever I say. If you are interested in my profile and if you think we can be a match, feel free to drop me a line sometime! Hold your breath and cross your heart, what I am going to tell you will give you a shocker…

Are you looking for a sexy blonde for pleasure? Then I am just right for you. I am very beautiful with a hint on innocence, together I am deadly. These red lips that you won’t be tired of kissing. I am well suited for parties and dinner dates. Bangalore female escorts knows what to wear for an event that will cause enough sensation in your heart. I will dress up so elegantly that your eyes won’t move anywhere else, not for a minute from my sexy body.

Like all Bangalore female escorts, I too like to be treated with soft kisses. I get high when you undress me completely, run your hands over her bosom or give a full body massage starting from face and ending up in place between her legs. I love your gentle touch or warm kiss on my soft skin. In the end, I spread my legs wide open to give you an ultimate pleasure that your heart is looking for. You can book me for a dinner date, one night stand or for any other occasion. I excels in all sorts of leisure activities like a perfect woman. Call us or drop a mail to get a date with me.

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