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I keep my mood joyful and laughter and make sure that everyone around me is smiling as Cheap escorts in Bangalore.

Hello folks, my name is Viti Burman and I am basically from Pune. By profession, I am a lawyer and I like when all things are done in the right way. For me, the most important things are intelligence, self-confidence. There are a lot of things that I want to know and I wish to know. I would like to get out of my country to live with my man, a country where I can have comfort life.

You can say that have beautiful eyes because I am born with blue eyes and people are crazy behind my eyes. I am an open-minded and frank person and I love to try new things that I have never tried before. My friends would describe me as kind, sweet, funny, adventurous and an interesting person and Cheap escorts in Bangalore.

Nothing can be more exciting than knowing that those Cheap escorts in Bangalore are from India with attractive personality.

In my spare time, I love to pamper myself. I am obsessed with colours. I like to change my hair colour every three months in a year. I am looking for a partner for a serious relationship. My dream is to live with my man in an unknown place away from every one where we can be childish and ourselves as Cheap escorts in Bangalore.


I would like to meet a gentleman who is honest, sincere, kind, caring, and lovable. I am here on this website in the hope to find a soul mate. Well, I am the type of person that will give her everything into a relationship to make it successful. I am not a person who will tolerate any abuse or stuff like that. I strongly bevel in woman Cheap escorts in Bangalore and want my partner to believe in the same. If you are a feminist then you already have a plus point. Feel free to drop a text. 

I am an attractive Cheap escorts in Bangalore, with a lovely, busty body and a love for showing it of when you are alone together. Whether you want to be alone in my private apartment, or in your home or hotel room is totally up to you. Within the world there is a sort of unspoken code, that says men should be strong, in control and dominant. While women should be feminine, graceful and the more submissive. Indeed this is the more common escort practice.

But why? Why is it deemed as wrong for a man who want a woman to have her wicked way with him? The short answer is its not! I am programmed to be a little bit of both. More so submissive or dominant but still, Cheap escorts in Bangalore side of me needs to be tamed in the bedroom!

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Hindi, English
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