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I am Pooja Kulkarni and I am basically from Bangalore. I am a girl who is Sweet as caramel, tender as the first spring flower. I'm a real, honest, simple and kind lady. I am hard-working and smart. I lead a healthy lifestyle and I love it. I am a romantic, and I hope that love will come into my life soon or I have decided to be an Escort in Bangalore.

Well, about personal life I do not have a good past about relationships. I have had been into many relationships before and all those are failed relationships. I do not know maybe I am unlucky In the part of love or maybe my time was wrong. Some boys were using me for money, some were with me just for lust and some boys were abusing me. I am here on this website in a hope to find a nice person and I hope I succeed as Escort in Bangalore too.

Other than that, I love hanging out with my friends. My friends are the only ones who have had supported me in my bad phase. They used to take me out for a drive and to chill. I love to play football and snake and ladder. I also love to decorate my room with new paintings, flowers, and colourful lights.

It totally depends on individuals how they want to fulfil their fantasies with Escort in Bangalore.

Well, I do not want any prince charming or a king. I have had seen so much that now it is difficult for me to trust any guy. I am seeking someone whom I can trust. Someone honest, caring, and loyal to me. I just want him to be kind and faithful. If you think that you can make me trust you, then I am waiting for your message so that I can move on my life as Escort in Bangalore.

I am looking for a partner here who can be in a short term relationship with me. Someone who is successful and has goals in his life. I want someone smart, intelligent, crazy, and curious. 

My GFE that I offers is second to none. I am able to chat with my clients without any linguistic misunderstandings. My caring personality also helps. I am a classy Escort in Bangalore. I am perfect for those who desire a high class young escort that they can show off at an event. Having an apartment that is well equipped and that will give you a very relaxed mindset.

I am a sexy curve bodied Escort in Bangalore with tats and piercings in all the right places! I have a very sexy short haircut. I like good food and travel, and I never leave my house without a vibrator. As a an escort I don’t ask for a lot, just to be appreciated by a man.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English
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