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We are so glad you made it this far! We hope your stay won't be a fleeting one and you have time to explore the site a little more. We are continually updating, adding, removing (mostly dead links) and generally sweating blood for the upkeep of this most essential, we feel, Bangalore Escort Service. We work effortlessly to make sure our list is current and frequently being additional to. Of course then there are also the established, reliable escort service providers, both independents and agencies, whom year on year provide a good, safe and discreet service here in the city. An overwhelming number to get through maybe, but let's be honest, there could be worst things you could be doing then looking through hundreds of photos of delicious girls! Your selected escort are going to be delighted to entertain you at her home. All our escorts are located within Bangalore area and have clean modern apartments. If you want to add some extra zest and flavour into your life and want to share some moments with beautiful and hot escorts then Bangalore Escort Service is the place for you.

We are an eminent r escort agency that specialises in providing the finest escort services throughout the city. Being a prestigious escorts agency in Bangalore for over a decade, we have an understanding of the feelings of our clients and accordingly provide escort services that suit their varied tastes. Our escorts are highly professional. their gestures and body language will fascinate you and you will feel at ease in their company so that you will express your deepest desires. Bangalore Escort Service is a highly regarded escort agency in Bangalore. The agency has confident and sexy escorts who area unit skilled in executing every desire of our clients. If you are one of the many professional gentlemen who is struggling to find a female partner because of your extremely busy work schedule, then you can contact us, our services and professionalism will leave you spellbound. Bangalore is a great place to enjoy yourself and have fun as there are so many things to see and do.

We promote high class and cultivated girls with perfect figures who will intrigue you. These Bangalore Escort Service are well educated and delighted to offer their finest personal attentions, with both in call and outcall services across all locations in Bangalore. Whether you are on a business trip, visiting the city for a social event, looking for a dinner date or a night out, the girls at this Bangalore Escort Service are comfortable in all situations with their sophisticated manners and cosmopolitan style. How to Book an escort with us? We offer a wide choice of escorts whose fees are amongst the most competitive in Bangalore. For precise and comprehensive details of fees please ask individual web pages. For longer bookings and any special needs please speak to our operator. Payment terms are that every one fees should be paid take advantage full to the lady at the commencement of an assignment.

Once you've got selected the escort of your alternative please telephone our operator to arrange the booking. Please note that advance bookings will be subject to confirmation by telephone before a predetermined deadline on the day of the assignment. Failure to substantiate on time might mean a booking will not be honoured.

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If you are serious about having some fun, then, it pays to hire your fun from the right sources. With Bangalore Escorts Service, that becomes very easy. Simply take a look at their growing list of expert professionals waiting for your call, and let the fun commence! We are a team of professionals, knowing the Bangalore Escorts Service inside out. The fact that we have different backgrounds included helps us to understand and appreciate the variety of cultures and different views that results from the wonderfully cosmopolitan diversity of people that come to us. Thou we are young and restless we've been around the Bangalore Escorts Service for a while and we have learned sometimes the easy, other times the hard way the demands of our clients and of the lovely female escorts in Bangalore who collaborate with us. Even thou in some effects this is a business like any other, in the same time working with people is one of the most challenging things.

Everybody is unique and has individual views and we welcome all the different needs of anybody coming to us to arrange a date with one of the exquisite ladies that we represent. We appreciate respect and seniority and treating people in consequence is one of our main rules. We are aware that honesty brings credibility so with us what you see is what you get. We know that these are hard times for everybody in Bangalore and around the city, so rest assured that you will get value for your money and there are no hidden extra charges. When choosing a Bangalore Escorts Service we understand that discretion is very important to you so we will answer with consideration, promptitude and discretion to any of your requests.

We believe that attention to detail can make a big difference and we are working hard so that every little particular is considered and your experience turns out perfect. The Bangalore Escorts Service aim to offer a quality companionship service, from the moment we pick up the phone, all the way to and thru your date and also after, when we can appreciate your reviews and after we will embrace you in our huge and happy family, with the benefits that come from it once you decide to become our regular visitor and our friend. We understand well that a happy girl equals a happy client, so we always go the extra mile to make sure that our girls are happy and looked after.

We are an enormous family, united in the purpose to be the best at what we are doing and we are doing all of that always with a genuine smile on our face and with an open mind and heart. What our young women all have in common is honesty, discretion and passion for the most sensual things in life. Our Bangalore Escorts Service team provides a 24 hour service and personally interview and train every single lady that collaborates with us. We often visit the in call escort locations to confirm that the women flat is sufficiently luxurious and suites our customers' desires. We only affect educated serious ladies who aren't only gorgeous girls with an excellent body but they are also kind, friendly and with a giant heart. Happy to serve.

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Bangalore Foreign Escorts has built its reputation on delivering what it promises, and we don’t make promises that we can’t keep. This is essential in order to take care of the standards we've set in the escort trade. We take commitment to our clients very seriously, and this is why you can be sure all the girls we choose to work with will try their utmost to realise your expectations. When it comes to amusing and making you comfortable, our girls are very experienced and happy to help. Many of them are experienced in massage too, so relaxing in the company of one of Bangalore Foreign Escorts girls can have a very personal touch, offering you the ultimate satisfaction. Many of our escorts are genuine glamour and/or fashion models, and all of them are beautiful beyond belief; this much is very clear. Most are remarkably well educated too, with a keen interest in English and other language cultures.

Each one is unique and refreshing, with very individual characteristics. The girls all speak English of course (although admittedly not always very well), and some speak several other languages including: Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Portuguese. Those girls who are not fluent in English have excellent conversational skills however and are very keen to expand their knowledge. Our in call Escort services are all located in and around Bangalore. We have taken a lot of time to get to know our clients, and we are proud to say that during our extensive time in the escort business, we have developed a much better understanding of your desires and preferences, and of course some of the frustrations you face when choosing an escort from Bangalore Foreign Escort. We like to think that we have a good relationship with our regular clients and we look forward to building many new ones in the future.

Bangalore Foreign Escort appreciate every one of our bookings, whether they’re for an hour, or all night long. And we try our very best to help as much as we can during the booking process. It’s not easy having to choose from such a vast number of girls, that are changing all the time, we realise. We do all we can to accurately represent them based on the resources we have available to us, even when it does become difficult to differentiate between them. Our receptionists are incredibly experienced and have been with us for a long time. They are professional and discreet, and with the exception of your booking confirmation message, or answers to any of your questions, they will not contact you at any other time. They are very happy to offer you recommendations based on your previous booking pattern too, they like to help us build lasting relationships with our clients.

Please also remember that Bangalore Foreign Escort are happy to discuss your requirements concerning a variety of specifications, including attire, or any fantasy role-play etc that you may be interested in. If you're unsure, we are also happy to help you make your selection. We know most of the girls very well, and we are very capable of making a recommendation based on your preferences. We wish to work with our clients to confirm their experience is everything they dream it are often. If you aren’t a member then you can’t really use the site to its full potential.


I like doing adventure things like Paragliding, Ice Skating, ...


I love to meet up new people so looking for friendship. No hook-ups and dating.


Software Engineer by day, loves to go out in the night. Tired of going out with friends so


I may be young, but I am wise and mature beyond my years. After growing up in a middle-class family,


Just a small town girl, living alone and feeling lonely. That's right. I'm a local girl.


I love sports, and I'm the happiest person when I'm outside, playing badminton with my best friend


When it comes to trying new things, I'm your girl. In any relationship I am in, whether it is family relation


I must admit this. I am not the kind of girl who likes to go out on the weekend for a party.


Hey there, my would-be mate, how are you? Well, my friends constantly tease me about how bubbly I am.


Life is too short not to be out having fun. I like to go out on Saturday night with some of my friends at


I am a divorced woman, living in a Bangalore's Whitefield area. My husband used to drink and


I'm easy going, and lazy lady, live in Bangalore. But, very competitive. I am very emotional


I'm 24. I have been a runaway bride twice now. I can't marry a man who is unknown to me.


I'm Aman Mahi, living in Bangalore's Cunningham Road which is one of the busiest streets of Bangalore


I am..A Gynecologist and grew up in Bangalore. Able to order food in three different languages.


Surfer. Tech entrepreneur in Bangalore. Traveler. I have travelled to five Indian states


Hey, this is Amira. A 26 years old Business Analyst. Living in Bangalore for a few years.


I just have to be real...When it comes to dating, I am a little old-fashioned girl.


Hey there, I'm Ahana lives in Bangalore. It seems like everybody is saying they're


A little bit about me...I'm a single mom who loves to play out with children and going


I am listing a few of my qualities, so here it goes: I'm a good cook, I can bake a hot


Hey boys, Tanuja here. A painter and a romantic person. A small portion of my earning spent


I'm Looking For... A caring and spontaneous man with whom I can get lost in


I'm an athletic and active girl who loves to be lazy on Sunday mornings.

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